Fossil group: Ichnofossils
Family Dendrinidae Bromley, Wisshak, Glaub et Botquelen, 2007

Taxon ID: 15838 | 2018-02-10 / 2018-05-01
Belongs to: Bioerosional trace fossils
Stratigraphic range: Ordovician Recent | ~ 488,3–0,0 Ma
Baltoscandian species (in database): 1

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Selection of related publications

  • Elias & Lee, 1993. Microborings and growth in Late Ordovician Halysitids and other corals [DOI]
  • Elias, 1980. Borings in solitary rugose corals of the Selkirk Member, Red River Formation (late Middle or Upper Ordovician), souther Manitoba [DOI]